Monday, February 15, 2010

The Lockerbie Divide

May I direct everyone to a new blog created by Caustic Logic entitled "The Lockerbie Divide". This exceptional site is meticulous in it's examination of the Lockerbie trial conducted at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands, the evidence that was presented and the subsequent conviction of Libyan Al-Megrahi.

Those with little or no knowledge of the investigation and trial can take those first tentative steps into the the quagmire of whole Lockerbie case, while those with a more intimate knowledge, are presented and indeed invited, to dig deeper into the investigation and examine the conclusions that followed.

The Lockerbie Divide and it's author Caustic Logic provide an opprtunity to address the gulf which exists between many observers, and sadly also between many of the families of those who were so brutally murdered on Pan Am 103, and their opinions on Megrahi and how the court reached it's verdict at Camp Zeist.